One year ago Downtown Morristown became home to the charming Italian restaurant, Nunzio’s Dolce Vita. Since opening their doors, Nunzio’s has combined traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist prompt by chef Nunzio himself. In just a year's time, this tranquil spot has transformed the culinary landscape of this busy town and has held its weight against its nearby competition.

Nunzio’s stands out amongst the rest for its serene ambiance that is filled with family friendly staff. Lucky patrons usually get a visit from Chef Nunzio himself as they indulge on their savory and original dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from local New Jersey markets.

Located on South Street, Nunzio’s is within walking distance from the Morristown Green and the many nearby liquor stores makes it easy for customers to pick up a bottle of wine while they head over to enjoy BYOB with their dinner.

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Morristown is a place that appreciates great food. With so many options available to restaurant goers, all you can ask for is the opportunity to deliver a great experience to people. Over the last year, we've been humbled and grateful to have so many customers frequent our restaurant. We truly appreciate all the support from the community, and our staff, who worked tirelessly, to make this dream a reality.” Said Chef/Owner Nunzio Cassara.

Chef and Owner Nunzio Cassara has spent his life discovering the perfect combinations of seasonality, freshness, quality, and value, to create the exquisite Mediterranean food of his heritage. Born in Sicily, Nunzio came to the U.S. at the age of ten and grew up in Brooklyn with his family. Learning from his Mother, Nunzio came to value fresh ingredients from local markets and would shop daily for them, the way they had in Italy.

While Nunzio’s might not have a long history in Morristown, they have surely left a long lasting impression on their customers, becoming an essential stop in this historical town in such a small amount of time. Celebrate Nunzio’s 1 year anniversary this weekend, Buon appetito!

About Nunzio’s Dolce Vita

Nunzio’s Dolce Vita is a charming and exquisite Italian restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Morristown. Chef/Owner Nunzio Cassara cooks with only the freshest of ingredients, bought from local markets. Food is in his blood and cooking is his passion, Nunzio combines his New York City experience with the Mediterranean food of his heritage to create a fusion of traditional and chic in Morristown.