MORRISTOWN, NJ - A presentation for parents will take place at Morristown High School tomorrow, February 18 at 7pm. The program, sponsored by the Morristown High School Home & School Association, will introduce parents to "what a Life Leader is, why it's important, and explain the tools they can use to help their kids become one".
Maggie DiPasquale, Creator of the Modern Mentor Program, will discuss: 
  • How to help students take responsibility for their own lives and be prepared for college (and beyond)
  • Deciphering personal values and why it's important inside and outside of school
  • How confident leadership starts with the self
  • How to help your teen be self-soothing, self-sufficient, and successful
  • The importance of managing expectations
  • Leading with the #MeToo
Through social media, some students give away power by relying on "likes". The program will help prepare teens for self fullfillment. DiPasquale believes true self-fulfillment comes from relying on yourself, thus being the leader of your own life.