MONTVILLE, NJ - Pathways is getting ready to celebrate our 15th anniversary on May 6 and we are inviting everyone to come party with us! Pathways has worked for 15 years to promote the inclusion of children of ALL abilities. Now more than ever, we want to rally people to bring a greater vision of inclusion and equal opportunity across America! Montville Township is proclaiming  May 6, 2017 "Include ME!" day and we are all doing a short walk to further our cause for inclusion. Afterwards we have lots of food, DJ's, dancing, and our famous rock band concert! It is guaranteed to be an inspiring and fun day for all!

We will be meeting at the Montville Township High School cafeteria starting at 4:30. The walk for inclusion starts at 5:00 p.m. We will take a short “Include ME!" walk and send off 50 biodegradable red, white, and blue balloons representing each state in the United States. The walk is to rally people to bring a greater vision of inclusion and equal opportunity to America!

Afterwards, we will go to the high school cafeteria where we will be selling hot dogs and pizza. Our DJs will provide the entertainment! Click here to get a full schedule of this amazing event!

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The Pathways Rock Band concert starts at 6:00 p.m. in the MTHS auditorium. In addition to the rock band, we will have performances by our Pee Wee Cheerleaders, Pathways Dance and Drama Clubs, Disc Jockeys and more! 

Tickets for the 15th Anniversary and Walk event are $10.00. If you have an “IncludeME!” t-shirt please wear it! We will have “Include ME!” t-shirts on sale at the event for $5.00/shirt while supplies last. All event and weather updates can be found on our website. Tickets can be purchased at Montville Pharmacy, 185 Changebridge Rd., Montville, NJ, or at the door. All proceeds from the event will go toward building inclusive programs for children of all abilities! For more information about this event click: Anniversary, call 973-334-1376 or email