MORRISTOWN, NJ -  In honor of Veterans Day, the Morris County Prosecutor's Office is recognizing U.S. Military Veterans who serve in the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office.

“The members of the Prosecutor’s Office who selflessly sacrificed for our Nation by serving in our armed forces have fortunately selected a career path serving the citizens of Morris County.  It gives me great honor to recognize each of them for their past and current service to our citizens”, said Prosecutor Knapp.                         

Currently, there are eleven members of the office who are U.S. Veterans.  The following list identifies each member, and the respective military branch in which they served:

  • Chief of Staff Daniel Pfeiffer                                   U.S. Army                  
  • Captain Robert McNally                                          U.S. Marines
  • Lieutenant Harrison Dillard                                     U.S. Army 
  • Detective Supervisor Michael Gomez                     U.S. Army
  • Detective Jimmy Atoche                                          U.S. Army
  • Detective Joseph Ellis                                              U.S. Army
  • Detective Muhammad Thomas                                U.S. Marines
  • Assistant Prosecutor Julian Hill                                U.S. Army
  • Assistant Prosecutor Robert Preziosi                       U.S. Army
  • Director Al Imperiale                                                 U.S. Army
  • Agent John Jespersen                                              U.S. Marines