MORRISTOWN, NJ -  70 South Gallery unveiled their newest exhibition entitled ROY.G.BIV on Saturday August 4. The exhibit, which runs through October 31, captures urban life, "from the architectural details in buildings located in the Czech Republic and Romania to Columbia, NJ—each portraying different views on life, people, and their artistic expressions. Their work culminates in a colorful and vibrant exhibition rarely seen in one place".

The exhibit showcases the work of featured photographer Thomas Conroy and featured student photographer Santiago Robertson-Lavalle.

“I was impressed with Conroy’s work where he had these vibrant colors of buildings and alleyways in Europe," said Gina Cerbone, curator of the gallery. "Coupling this with the explosion of color in Santiago’s perspective on graffiti was a perfect combination for this exhibition.”

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The exhibit was borne out of the love of color.

Conroy uses the art of photography to capture his experiences as well as show beauty in simple things like a wall, park or everyday life. Over the years, Conroy's experience began with a simple point and shoot camera and developed to 35mm and then to digital photography.

"My attraction to street scenes goes back many years, beginning with my first encounter with Atget’s photographs of Paris of the late 19th and early 20th century," said Conroy.

Robertson-Lavalle is featured on the student wall of the gallery.  He is a recent Delbarton graduate who took an art class four years ago at the urging of his visual arts teacher.  Robertson-Lavalle will be attending Princeton University this fall and plans to pursue art in college.

"I believe it is integral to my growth as a student and as a person and rewards me with deep, lasting satisfaction," stated Robertson-Lavalle. “Everyone interested in art should take a class.”  

Ira L. Black, Gallery Director, works closely with the curator of the gallery, Gina Cerbone.  Together they review numerous submissions and from there create a theme for each exhibit. Cerbone describes this current exhibit as “Color but in different ways".

70 South Gallery provides an opportunity for student, amateur and professional artists to display their work.  They also provide expert printing, matting, and framing services in-house as well as classes continuing in the fall.   For more information visit:


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