Hillsdale, N.J. - Recently launched Restoration Beverage, REZ is breaking into the local markets at a fast pace. The ten (10) calorie one (1) carb, naturally sweetened restoration beverage is now available in several deli’s and 7 -11 stores across N.J. and continues to expand at a rapid rate of ten new locations a week.

REZ is the pioneer in the restoration movement, created to revive, restore, and rejuvenate with ingredients like glucosamine to support joint lubrication, turmeric to fight body-wide inflammation, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Infusing healthy ingredients with fresh fruit flavors like orange/mango, watermelon/peach, and fruit punch makes REZ not only good for the body but enjoyable. Made in the USA with only domestic ingredients, REZ follows the trend of buying local and domestic products that ship fast and are fresh every time you buy.

REZ was created by Larry Edinger, a sports coach, and father who saw how limited his son and other athletes were by the drinks they had available to them. “I coached all my sons sports for seven years, baseball, football, and basketball and what I saw were children drinking sugar filled sports drinks, artificially sweetened drinks, and when they got a little older, energy drinks,” said Edinger “ I also operate a vending business and found very little options outside of water that kids and parents enjoyed that was good for them. When school food and beverage regulations started a few years ago, the vendible beverages became very limited, so we developed our own.”

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However REZ is not just for the athletes, REZ is the innovator of the first ever lifestyle drink, an idea that a drink can lend itself to any type of lifestyle. The three REZ flavors pair well and differently with all types of food and ways of life. REZ is perfect not only for exercise, but is great for the communicator, the stay at home mom, and for whatever life throws at you. REZ is made to make your body feel good.

For more information about REZ and to find a location that carries REZ near you visit www.rezbev.com or follow them on facebook, instagram, and twitter. REZ is also available for purchase on Amazon.