MORRISTOWN, NJ - On Friday at 3pm, the Morris County Clerk's office drew for ballot positioning for US Senate, US Congress and County Freeholder races.  The results are more news worthy for Republicans only because the Morris County Republican Organization does not have an official party line, therefore the ballot positioning could be significant albeit it is reliant on chance.

The Morris County Democrat organization does have a party line.  Candidates are voted on at a county convention and bracketed according to those results.

As an informational aside, random ballot drawing is the law.  The law, NJSA 19:23-24, requires clerks to conduct a random drawing to determine ballot position for primary candidatesCurrently in Hudson county, lawyers are heading to court to challenge the Hudson County Clerk for allegedly not performing a random ballot.  

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The results from Friday's Morris County drawing were as follows:

Results of the Ballot Drawing:


US Senate:

Brian Goldberg #1
Bob Hugin #2

US Congress (11th CD):

Jay Webber #1
Martin Hewitt #2
Patrick Allocco #3
Tony Ghee #4
Peter DeNeufville #5

County Clerk:

Ann Grossi

Morris County Freeholder:

Deb Smith #1
John Krickus #2
Steve Shaw #3
John Cesaro #4
Aura Dunn #5


US Senate:

Robert Menendez - Column A
Lisa A. McCormick - Column B

US Congress (11th CD):

Mikie Sherrill - Column A
Mark Washburne - Column C

Mitchell H. Cobert - Column C

Alison Heslin - Column C

Tamara Harris - Column C

County Clerk:

Shalini "Shala" Gagliardi - Column A

Morris County Freeholder:

Mary Dougherty - Column A
Richard Corcoran - Column A
Rupande Mehta - Column A
Vanessa Brown - Column C