MORRISTOWN, NJ — Tuesday is primary election day in the Morris County Area, where constituents of each municipality are encouraged to visit a polling place between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Continue reading to see who will appear on the ballots in Morristown. For voting locations in Morristown, click HERE

Governor, Democrat (Vote for 1): Philip Murphy, William Brennan, John Wisniewski, Jim Johnson, Mark Zinna and Raymond Lesniak.

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Governor, Republican (Vote for 1): Jack Ciattarelli, Hirsh Singh, Steven Rogers, Kim Guadagno and Joseph Rullo.

State Senate 25th Legislative District; Republican (Vote for 1): Anthony R. Bucco

State Senate 25th Legislative District; Democrat (Vote for 1): Lisa Bhimani

General Assembly 25th Legislative District; Republican(Vote for 2): Anthony M. Bucco, Michael Patrick Carroll

General Assembly 25th Legislative District; Democrat (Vote for 2) Thomas Moran, Richard Corcoran

Board of Chosen Freeholders; Republican(Vote for1): Nicolas W. Platt, Mike Crispi, Dave Scapicchio, Heather Darling

Board of Chosen Freeholders; Democrat (Vote for 1): Rozella G. Clyde

State Committee Male Republican (Vote for 1): Lawrence Casha

State Committee Male Democratic (Vote for 3): Paul N. Bontempo, Philip R. Sellinger; Elihu D. Davison

State Committee Female Republican (Vote for 1): Christina Ramirez

State Committee Female Republican (Vote for 3): Mary Dougherty, Shawn Laurenti DeFazio, Marianne McConnell

Mayor Morristown; Democrat (Vote for 1); Timothy P. Dougherty; MIchelle Dupree Harris

At Large Morristown Council; Democrat; (Vote 3) Michael Elms, Toshiba Foster; David Silva; Jenna Gervasio; Esperanza Porras Field, Maria Scumaci