RANDOLPH, NJ- The Randolph Township Council has created a committee to meet with the owners of a local indoor shooting range, where two people recently took their own lives in separate incidents. This committee was organized after the first incident in September.

The committee is supposed to do what it can to ensure all possible measures are in place at the indoor shooting range, RTSP:  Range- Firearms –Training on Route 10, where a young man died after he purposely shot himself in the chest on Nov. 30, said town officials.

"It is very unfortunate and sad, and something no parent or friend wants to hear,” said Randolph Mayor Joanne Veech. “Our main priority should be looking for ways to help people."

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The Nov. 30 incident was the second suicide at the gun range. Another young man killed himself there in September.

Fred Friedman, a partner at RTSP, released a statement after the suicide, expressing the RTSP staff’s grief about the incident. “Sadly, a patron decided to take their own life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound yesterday during business hours,” wrote Friedman. “We are extremely saddened that they were unable to find the help that they needed to prevent them from taking their own life and encourage anyone who thinks of harming themselves to seek help immediately.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family members, loved ones, and our employees who are left behind and forced to deal with this terrible tragedy.”

RTSP also announced the measures it is taking to help prevent similar incidents.

"After our unfortunate first incident back in September, RTSP instituted a policy that did not allow first time single shooters to rent and shoot at our range,” said the company. “Due to the fact that the individual who shot at our range yesterday was a returning shooter, having been to RTSP two previous times, this policy was unable to stop someone determined to take their own life.”

The company said it was “immediately instituting” additional rules. It said all shooters renting guns must be in groups of two or more. With the exception of active and retired law enforcement officers and people holding valid state-issued firearms ID cards, no single shooters will be allowed to rent firearms at RTSP, said the company.

Additionally, it said solo first-time shooters with valid state permits to buy a handgun will be allowed to “test drive” a rental weapon, but are permitted only 30 minutes of range time and up to two rentals. Also a safety officer will be present the entire time, said RTSP.