MORRISTOWN, NJ - On Tuesday night, The Educational Association of Morris (TEAM) sponsored and hosted a Save Your Teen Driver event at Morristown High school. Save Your Teen Driver is a program led by Certified Defensive Driver Instructor Bob Ragazzo.  

“The objective of what we do is to get people to think differently about driving. Driving is actually very scientific,” commented Ragazzo.

Speaking to a large audience of Morristown high school students and parents, Ragazzo first reviewed some myths and realities about driving before presenting his six keys to safe driving: Speed Management, Space Management, Scanning of Mirrors, Attitude Behind the Wheel, Danger Zone Recognition and The Other Driver. The participants then took a computer-based interactive test that evaluated their skills in these critical areas. It was an informative and vitally educational evening for all.

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Ragazzo reminded the students in the audience to thank their teachers. “They get programs like this into the school because they care,” he remarked.

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