Shopping circulars and television ads are already signaling the end of summer and start of school.

For some families and children, a new school year causes more anxiety than excitement.  Ward off those worries by preparing ahead of time.

Set a bedtime and wake up time for your child. During the summer, children tend to go to bed late and sleep in every morning.  A few weeks before the start of school, make sure to prepare your children - and yourself  - by getting on a schedule.

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Organize and designate a spot for homework and projects. Make sure all the necessary school supplies are readily available for your students. Some children get excited when shopping for supplies and extras that make homework and projects more fun.  Helping your child get organized will set the stage for success.

Set ground rules for homework and projects. Avoid the homework war by establishing a set time for work and studying. Start the year off on a good note and stick to the rules.

Make a family calendar of events and activities. When life gets super busy, it is very easy to overlook an appointment or miss having a ride for your child to practice or an event. Writing everything down for the whole family will alleviate any mishaps.

Check out your child’s teacher assignment. Much of the anxiety of school centers on social situations. Many children relax abut the new year when they realize they will be seeing some of their old classmates and friends again. Set up some time for them to see their friends and talk about the fun coming in the new school year.

Ease your children’s anxiety and stress. Be upbeat about all the new things your child will explore and learn in the classroom.

Being prepared and having a positive attitude will set the whole family up for success in the year to come.