MORRISTOWN, NJ - A second bias incident has been discovered at Frelinghuysen Middle School. In a letter to parents and guardians, Frelinghuysen Principal Joseph Uglialoro stated that on the afternoon of Friday March 10, anti-sematic hate speech was found in a bathroom stall. School officials contacted local police as well as the Morris County Prosecutor's Office and an thorough investigation into the incident has begun.

"This second incident has served to strengthen our school’s commitment to ensuring that the dignity and rights of every member of our community are respected", Principal Uglialoro wrote. "I have reached out to the Prosecutor’s Office to arrange for a representative from their Bias Crimes division to speak to our students. In addition, I will also reach out to leaders in the local faith community to explore ways we can partner to foster a greater understanding and perspective regarding these sensitive issues".

Earlier in the month, four swastikas were found etched into a bathroom stall door at the middle school. Administrators at the school as well as team leaders and school counselors developed a plan to transform this incident into a learning opportunity. The plan included discussions with each Social Studies class about the incident, focusing on the history behind the symbols of hate as well as lessons on bias, prejudice and stereotyping and creating symbols of tolerance and compassion. 

"Despite these incidents FMS remains a united and healthy community" wrote Uglialoro. "Parents, teachers, students, and administrators respectfully interact and work together towards our shared values each and every day.  FMS will continue our important work of educating our students along with the equally critical task of fostering an environment of tolerance. Hate, bias and exclusion have no place in our diverse school community. We thank you for your continued support of these efforts, and of our school.