MORRISTOWN, NJ - The heavy snow fall has made it difficult for vehicles and pedestrians to navigate the streets of Morristown. To ensure the continued safety of those walking and driving, the Department of Public Works has announced the snow removal schedule for the Town of Morristown.

Signs will be posted, informing motorists of any changes in parking regulations. 

The following is the schedule for snow removal

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Wednesday 1/27   11pm   – Thursday 1/28  6am  

North Park Place

Morris Street from Dumont to Elm Street

Speedwell Ave from North Park Place to Henry Street


Thursday  1/28    7am – 3pm 

Franklin St. from DeKalb Pl to Madison Ave

Valley View West From Washington to John Glen

Howell Place

Phillip Place

Grant Street

Cleveland Street

Harrison Street

Morton Street

Columba Street

Bellevue Street


Thursday 1/28   11pm – Friday 1/29  6am  

Spring Street

Ridgedale Avenue

Elm Street from South Street. to Morris Street

Altamont Court


Friday 1/29    7am – 3pm 

Sherman Place

Shenandoah Place

Wisteria Terrace

Tuxedo Place

Woodlawn Drive

Pine Street.

King Street

Dumont Place


Friday 1/29   11pm – Saturday 1/30  6am  

Ridgedale Avenue

Morris Street from Elm Street to Ford Avenue (trouble spots only)

Cattano Avenue

Prospect Street

Clinton Street 

Clinton Place


Saturday 1/30  7am – 3pm 

Jersey Avenue

Cottage Place

Hazel Street

Garden Street

Linden Street

Liberty Street

Lincoln Street


There will be no work Saturday night through Sunday night. Work will resume Monday morning 2/1/16