LIVINGSTON, NJ - After a shocking and brutal finale to Season Four, the groundbreaking HBO series Game of Thrones is back for a fifth season and is promising to be fiercer than ever. When Season Three slaughtered the majority of the Starks, the show was at risk of losing its attraction. Little did we know, the action was only getting started. Albeit anticlimactic, Sunday’s premiere did a fantastic job of showing us the current statuses of all (or most) of our favorite characters. With literally dozens of main characters, many of which will be brand new this season, Season Five leaves plenty of room for plot building and new favorites. Don’t take my word for it? Let me convince you with some reflections on the premiere:

Saving Tyrion’s life could have some serious consequences for Jaime’s. With Tywin dead and gone at the hands of Brother Imp, Cersei and Jaime are, for lack of a better word, screwed. Jaime was right to free his innocent brother — no questions asked. But Tywin loved him more than anything in the world and now Jaime’s left with the blood on his hands. Margaery has King Tommen eating out of the palm of her hand, and without their safety net of a father, the Lannisters better find some better security.

The Imp and the Spider are headed side-by-side to Meereen. Varys, a.k.a the Spider, might be the only character more sincere and painfully accurate than Tyrion. Who knows how Daenerys and her dragons will react to a Lannister suddenly coming to her aid and wanting to join her counsel, but I have to admit it was the right move on Tyrion’s part. The War of Five Kings is finally dwindling, so the only options were Meereen with Dany Targaryen or The Wall with Stannis Baratheon. Stronger than Tommen and gentler than Stannis, Dany could make some serious progress with the quick-minded, good-hearted Tyrion on her side.

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A Dragon Queen without dragons is a teenage girl with a death wish. Despite Thrones disposing of the original longhaired, blue-eyed actor for the new, less-attractive Daario Naharis, the new guy is the perfect replacement for Jorah. With Jorah gone, Daario might be the only one left who will be able to get through to Daenerys and he was right to disagree with her. And not only about opening the fighting pits. It broke my heart to watch Dany lock up her dragons, but Daario is right — the Seven Kingdoms will not take her seriously without them.

The Unsullied are being slaughtered at the Brothel? They just want to cuddle! I have nothing to say on this brutal scene other than someone on the streets of Meereen is not happy with Dany’s presence. What I do know is that the Unsullied, despite the absence of major body parts, are very capable and probably in dire need of affection. Missandei isn’t fooling anyone: she has her eye on Grey Worm and the couple has potential for being crucial characters in Season Five.

Lancel found peace in the Light of the Seven. This probably seemed irrelevant to most, but Lancel Lannister is the holder of a major secret. Not only did he have an “unnatural” relationship with Cersei in Jaime’s absence, but he was also accessory to Robert Baratheon’s murder. His wounds from Blackwater Bay may have led him to become a “Sparrow” (whatever that means), but as long as he holds this information he is officially a dangerous character. King Tommen is an illegitimate child of incest and Lancel knows it.

Brienne was being unnecessarily nasty to Podrick.Brienne swore to find the Stark girls and that’s what she intends to do. Problem is, she already found Arya and Arya opted to hang with the Hound — who is Gods knowwhere and potentially dead. She is beginning to question whether there are any “good” Lords or Ladies left to serve and is likely wondering if her mission is even worth it. What she doesn’t realize is that Podrick is a devoted squire, fantastic company and probably more savvy than she thinks.

Don’t even get me started on Littlefinger. Season Four revealed that Littlefinger was the number one catalyst in this entire war. He cannot, by any means, by anybody, be trusted. Sure, he’s protecting Sansa but for how long? The little "Lord" Robin Arryn has absolutely nothing going for him except the gift of a great name and Peter Baelish schemed his way into the family. In other words, Littlefinger is running the show and no one even knows it yet.

Margaery has another trick up her — and probably her grandmother’s — sleeve. Margaery Tyrell is not to be underestimated this season. The premiere opened with a young Cersei receiving her fortune: that another queen will come, younger and more beautiful, to take everything she holds dear. Margaery is promised to wed King Tommen, but also said that Cersei would only “perhaps” become her sister-in-law. Sketchy much?

Stannis wants to recruit the Wildlings. And he’s using Jon Snow to do it. Actually, promising the Wildlings land and freedom if they help take back Winterfell seemed a pretty good deal to me. Mance Rayder refused to kneel, but that doesn’t mean his army of Wildlings will follow suit. Killing Mance showed mercy on Jon’s part, but it also showed a defiance that the Wildlings will likely admire — as will the Brothers. Unfortunately for Jon, Stannis might not see it that way. Jon Snow is either on the fast track to trouble or rising to power.

Like any great premiere, Game of Thrones’ opener left us with major cliffhangers and the potential for promising new characters. Rumor has it, Thrones is going somewhat off-book from here on out, so it’s impossible to say what’s coming up this season. But the creators were somehow able to follow Season Three’s Red Wedding with an action-packed fourth season, so I have no doubt Season Five will take us on a journey even more gruesome than the last.


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