On Sunday, January 1st, the New York Jets played their final home game against the Buffalo Bills,and unlike last year's season finale, the Jets won 30-10.

I was in the EY coaches club enjoying the hospitality of the New York Jets and spent a lot of time outdoors on the field because the weather was so nice in MetLife Stadium. I caught a photo of Woody Johnson and General Manager Mike Maccagnan deep in conversation; really, what was there left to say after this season.

There is so much anger about this past season from the fans that using the phase "Just End the Season" as a way to spell "J E T S" really hits to the heart of the matter. Many season ticket holders who paid a price for the PSL are wondering how to unload their so-called investment and it's not an easy undertaking as no one wants the seats. I have read that people who financed their PSL's have stopped making the payments, thinking that the Jets organization won't spend the time taking them to court. The stadium was really empty Sunday, despite the 45 degree weather in Secaucus.

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The Buffalo Bills game was perhaps the last chance to see several of our favorite players in a Jets uniform. Offseason will tell. Most of us have heard the rumors Darrelle Revis is leaving and possibly Brandon Marshall. There will be others.

On January 5, owner Woody Johnson held a press conference and the first question he was asked was about bringing Head Coach Todd Bowles back for another year. Johnson is quoted as saying "I have confidence in Todd Bowles....(He's) very, very smart. (He) played the game (and) understands it from the player standpoint and from a coaching standpoint."

Well perhaps the stars and the players were not aligned this past season, or for that matter the last 5 or 6 or 7 blah blah blah seasons. When Woody was asked on what makes him think this is going in the right direction right now, he replied "Just what I see when I see the young players and their contribution this year. " I guess he means that fans will have to live through another rebuilding of our team.

That rebuilding always brings a lot of disappointment to the fans and especially season ticket holders who know the invoice for next year's season will be in the mail in two months. When Johnson was asked on how disappointed he is with the 5-11 record, he said "Well, I'm in the game of winning. So, anytime I don't win, I'm disappointed. We do this for our fans. Our fans want us to win."

Hell yeah, we want a win. Way more than five.