It’s been just about thirty days since the 2018 NFL Draft and the New York Jets have been working hard to build the team fans have been waiting for. Let’s recap the first round draft pick before discussing OTA’s and other Jets info.

Some New York Jets fans were certain earlier in the 2017 season that with the way the win-losses were going, Sam Darnold would be the New York Jets pick in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Other betting fans were sure, when we beats the odds and went 5-11, we’d choose Baker Mayfield in the 6th overall pick. When the New York Jets traded up to 3rd pick overall, Cleveland desperately in need of another quarterback redeemer and the Giants picking a running back, New York Jets fans got their wish. Surprise.

Sam Darnold, only 20 years old and a sophomore from USC, will certainly be a wise choice when our hindsight is 20-20. The New York Jets have been waiting for a franchise quarterback since we picked another young USC quarterback, Mark Sanchez, back in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft. It’s hard to believe that so many years have gone by weaving in and out of quarterback debacles. Sanchez left USC at the end of his junior year, totally against the advice of his then coach, Pete Carroll.  Sanchez was thrown to the Jets wolves, although the team did go to the playoffs his first two seasons. After that, thud. There’s no information on who Darnold’s mentor or advisor is, but according to many he’s mature for his age and the time was right to “enter” the NFL. But enter and ready are certainly two different things.

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Darnold's comeback stats from sophomore year at USC foreshadow a possible future New York Jets franchise quarterback , as long as he works through his  interception and fumble issues. Under the watchful eyes of New York Jets quarterback coach Jeremy Bates, QB Josh McCown and a well rested Teddy Bridgewater, Darnold may just grow out of those problems with constant practice. Darnold, along with Josh Allen, were training with Jordan Palmer, famed QB guru, back in January through March, trying hard to lose their bad quarterback habits. But old habits die hard, and with the pressure of the NFL, will those old habits return? We will see.

Head Coach Todd Bowles held a press conference  on May 29th, and when asked on how Sam Darnold has looked throughout OTA’s he replied, “He has been progressing. “ “As the days go by, he is getting more comfortable so we just have  to keep working at it and getting better.” Coach Bowles informed the press that Teddy Bridgewater “has shown no signs of weakness with the knee” so hopefully we can expect a healthy line-up in the quarterback roster.

Head Coach Todd Bowles and General Manager Mike Maccagnan have short contract extensions. The New York Jets need to win big or once again the team will be in turmoil and a few people will be sent packing. Let’s hope everyone gets a grip.