NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The Town of Morristown received a "Complete Streets Excellence Award" for efforts in making the streets safe for everyone; pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and transit users. The National Complete Streets Coalition describes effective Complete Streets as areas that are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users so that pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and public transportation users of all ages and ability are able to safely move along and across the street. 

"Complete Streets is an idea that, as communities look to reinvent themselves and to grow and to invest, you have to change the way in which you interact with different entities", said Morristown Mayor Tim Doughtery.

Morristown’s Complete Streets policies, adopted in 2012, were developed to assist in the Town’s project planning, design and development of proposed alternatives, as well as construction and maintenance of publicly funded projects. The idea looks at how everyone interacts with each other on the road. How pedestrians and motorists interact. How cyclists interact with motorists and pedestrians. According to Dougherty, traffic movement is an important part of Morristown.

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"As we grow and continue to grow, we have to take on a philosophy that it all has to work together", continued Dougherty. "Pedestrian movement, cyclist movement and traffic movement."

"The nuts and bolts of the Complete Streets project is the checklist", said Stefan Armington, Morristown Town Council President. "It requires the municipal officials to sign off that the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians and transit users have been considered in every project".

Armington stated that about 30 percent of the Morristown population doesn't have regular access to vehicles, which includes children, seniors, the lower income population and most recently the young professionals who choose to not own a car. 

"We don't want car movement with our development. We want people who are going to get out and walk around and I think we have been successful in that aspect", continued Dougherty.

The Town of Morristown will continue to create a comprehensive, integrated and connected multi-modal transportation network.