Unity Charter School has long prided itself on its innovative and experiential constructivist approach to reading and writing.  This year a concerted effort was made to develop an even stronger culture of reading and writing in K-8 grades, by joining the reading and writing project at Teachers College at Columbia University. Lucy Calkins, the Founding Director of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, describes the program as built on the best practices and proven frameworks developed over decades of work in thousands of classrooms across the country and around the world.

The Units of Study in the program:

  • Teach opinion/argument, information, and narrative writing with increasing complexity and sophistication
  • foster high-level thinking, including regular opportunities to synthesize, analyze, and critique
  • develop and refine strategies for writing across the curriculum
  • support greater independence and fluency through intensive writing opportunities

According to a study by Unesco in 2004, literacy is inextricably linked to a process of continual education and lifelong learning. As a college preparatory school, Unity Charter School offers students a rigorous curriculum, that is based on the education for sustainability standards.  One of the greatest skills the school can offer students is the ability to love reading and writing, and to become proficient readers and writers. Connie Sanchez, the Executive Director for Unity Charter School says, “The skills we teach and foster in our children in their earliest years of education are the skills they will carry with them the rest of their academic years and throughout their life. Partnering Columbia University is a tremendous opportunity and we look forward to growing this partnership and continuing to fully support our students, in their love of reading and writing.”