MORRISTOWN, NJ - Unity Charter Schools, students are given the unique opportunity to experience a foreign language from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade. While many schools have done away with having a teacher instruct students in a foreign language, Unity has had a teacher instruct students since their inception in 1998. Their current teacher, Amanda DiBattista, has been teaching Spanish for ten years; six of which have been at Unity. Twice a week, students from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade receive instruction from her using a variety of teaching methods. Most classes are student centered learning where Amanda will instruct students with the tools they will need for their independent activities. At Unity, student centered learning is part of their overall experience.

Project based learning is a key component at Unity and Spanish is no exception. From Kindergarten where students create faces on how they are feeling, to 4th grade where tracing life size bodies to learn about the body parts and 8th grade where students create a bilingual book to read to their younger schoolmates, when students are given the opportunity to learn through experience, it makes it so much more meaningful.

In using the Cloud Institute’s EFS standards, not only do students at Unity learn about the Spanish speaking world, but also the cultures of other nations. At Unity, there are twelve languages spoken at home. In class, students are exposed to these cultures and others because we at Unity Charter School, they consider themselves CommUnity.

"At Unity we understand that, "Donde hay gana, hay maña," said Connie Sanchez