MORRISTOWN, NJ - The mission of Unity Charter School is to teach the importance of protecting and improving the environment by educating our students on the principles of sustainability and ecology.  As Unity Charter School has grown so has the organic material needed to be composted from the cafeteria. 

Unity Charter School has a zero waste lunchroom.  In the past, the organic material has been composted on school grounds and added to the school garden.  This year as the number of students grew, the organic material grew also.  Through synchronization done by the beautification and gardening coordinator, Unity has set up a partnership with a local farm where our food scraps could be used as farm animal feed.  

While decomposers in the soil can break down organic material, when it is added to a landfill, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas 24 times more potent than carbon dioxide.  This organic material, however, is filled with nutrients that can be a great part of animal’s feed by balancing other feed sources farmers may be using.  These food materials can save farms money in reduced feed costs. 

"Setting up community partnerships has always been an important goal for Unity", said Connie Sanchez, Executive Director for Unity Charter School.  "This is a great example of how a school can support local farming while also helping to harmonize the environment".