MORRISTOWN, NJ—Sure gas prices are low now, but will they remain so?  Do you wonder what all the buzz is about electric cars?  Have you thought about ‘pulling a Bob Dylan’ and going electric?  OnSunday, April 19, 2015 at 2:00 p.m., several authors of the new book: What is the Electric Car: 79 Reasons to Drive Electric, will be on hand at The Morristown & Morris Township Library for a Q&Afollowed by an electric car display in the Library parking lot.  Refreshments will be served.  This program is supported by the Friends of the Morristown & Morris Township Library.

What is the Electric Car? is a feature-length documentary and a new book about Electric Vehicles (EVs) now arriving in showrooms. Both take an inside view of an industry expected to grow to over $200 billion in revenues over the next 15 years. This entertaining & educational approach follows the birth of an exploding industry & looks forward to the technology available in current EVs. They also take a look back at electric cars 100 years ago and bring us up to speed to where we are today.  This film and book are not just for EV enthusiasts or passionate “Green” consumers, but for anyone who drives a car.  People reading the book or watching the film may well end up soon driving their own electric car!  What is the Electric Car: 79 Reasons to Drive Electric was published in November 2014.  It features segments written by many people including Larry Hagman and Jay Leno, while the introduction was provided by Ed Begley, Jr.  The documentary on which the book was based was the winner of the prestigious OmniÔAward for “Education Achievement” and recognized with the DOVEÒ Foundation Award.  The film’s trailer can be viewed at:

Several of the book’s authors will be on hand for a Q&A panel about the book and electric cars themselves followed by an electric car display in the Library parking lot featuring many new model, all-electric vehicles. Patrons are encouraged to check out the EVs for themselves and ask questions of their owners.  There will even be a raffle for attendees for door prizes including books and DVDs