MORRIS PLAINS, NJ - Over two years after the walls of the original Kirkbride Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital were demolished and nine years after the remaining patients of old Greystone were moved into the new facility, a literary treasure published in the Print Shop in 1930 is now available to the public. 

Rhymes of a Raver, is a collection of rhymes written by Richard David Comstock during his recovery from alcohol abuse, a lung disorder caused by fighting forest fires, and to what is now labelled, “PTSD”.  This book was originally created between 1929 and 1930, as part of his “occupational therapy,” while also serving as Patient Editor of the Greystone Park Journal, Psychogram

In Rhymes, Mr. Comstock gives us a peak into his adventures and escapades that propelled him down to the “gutter,” and eventually to the door of Greystone.  We are also invited to peer into his troubled mind and feel the fear and sadness of a tormented soul, from his earliest days as a patient in what seemed to be a dark and frightening place. 

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Filled with trepidation about his future behind these somber grey walls, what does he discover?

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