SEASIDE PARK, NJ- On Thursday, Seaside Park opened the newly installed mobile beach mat, also known as a "mobi mat", making the beach accessible for those in wheelchairs. According to the Department of Human Services Monmouth County Accessible Beach Guide pdf , a mobile mat is a multipurpose rolled out hard surface mat used as a walkway or roadway, that makes it possible for a person using a wheelchair, cane, stroller or walker to access the beach. 

The 125-foot mat will extend " all the way out to the top of the ocean so they can get out to further points of the beach and give multiple residents the opportunity to enjoy the beach with their families" said Councilman Matthew DeMichele.

This new addition to the beach comes at the request and directive of a group of moms who advocate for fully integrated beach access for all. Their fundraiser  Beach Day For All  brings awareness to these needs and is looking to keeping the wheels "spining in the direction of fun for everyone in the sun".

While most shore towns offer lifeguard assistance and special beach wheelchairs, the mobile mats would allow more to enjoy more of the beach. Beach goers are encouraged to contact the Boro of Seaside Park  for more information