What creates that existential moment in a representative's consciousness when he or she actually makes the decision to support America's most dangerous and unethical politician? 

The great GOP is backing a presidential nominee whose hate filled candidacy will most likely haunt honest party loyalists for generations to come. The reality which comes crashing into our lives like so many waves is that hundreds of seemingly sane representatives have been drawn into this unrehearsed and unethical honky tonk carnival by a self-aggrandized and racist barker. Could the bar get any lower for those representatives who would stoop down alongside this demagogue's exclusionary rants simply for the convenience of party loyalty and money?

Sadly, while there is outrage, there are still too many Democrats who have barely raised an eyebrow hoping this storm will pass, while a few Republicans (most recently Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, Mark Kirk, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell among others ) have tried to brake their party's destructive descent into the belly of the beast by rejecting this demeaning and demagogic leader's most recent comments about an Indiana born Federal judge. 

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Trump's total ignorance of the real economic and social issues affecting America's middle class, let alone the working poor, is now the accepted reality. Unfortunately, some in this economically disenfranchised group support this unstable, conspiracy driven candidate, who has raged against almost every minority in our country, and who has effectively practiced a life of exclusion.

Whether it is the rewriting of America's history, denying the existence of white supremacist support, or encouraging rally violence with 3rd grade conversational interludes, we all face what is becoming a recurring American nightmare accelerating our very own descent into a dark and dystopian reality.
A presidential candidate must be a moral force bringing all ethnicities and races together, not a destructive catalyst inciting divisiveness. Those who have been unwillingly drawn into the exploitation of the decades long misery of the working and middle class forget that false prophets and cheap promoters always over promise and under deliver. These disenfranchised, hard working Americans have yet to grasp that they are simply a political prop soon to be thrown away like some garbage. Yet, their plight is so difficult, and their hope so desperate, that they continue to accommodate his paranoia infused white identity politics. 

The ironic fact is that this false prophet in sheep's clothing has contempt for the working man as well as the disappearing middle class. He is epitome of the entitled rich kid looking with genuine contempt at the 99.9% of Americans who haven't risen to an economic stature that was simply handed to him. 

Those representatives in Washington who have surrendered their morality, must know that Trump is a compulsive liar, that he is unread, coarse, and mean spirited. They have witnessed his contempt of women, his mocking of the disabled, his open disdain of the media, his near psychotic braggadocio, and his daily and outrageous slurs against ethnic religious and racial minorities. 

They also know that Mr. Trump who has little real knowledge about our role in the world, denigrates our closest allies, and has almost no real critical understanding about America's financial markets.

My representatives in Trenton have little to say about Donald Trump, my representative in Washington has given him his full support, while my governor has prostrated himself like some dog in full submission - beaten by his sadistic owner. 

It was exactly 62 years ago, on June 9, 1954, that Joseph N. Welch, an attorney representing the US Army asked Senator Joseph McCarthy: "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

George Lucaci
Editor's Note: George Lucaci is the First Vice Chair of the Summit Municipal Democratic Committee.