ROXBURY, NJ – Being that Roxbury is going to be the host town for the 2018 U18 World Fistball Championships this summer, the organizers are hoping more young people give the obscure sport a try.

Toward that end, the United States Fistball Association is offering seminars to local coaches, athletic directors and educators.

Announced today, the seminars will take place July 13 and July 14 during the big tournament.

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“Starting with fistball fundamentals, the seminar offers advanced training aspects of the sport,” said a statement from the United States Fistball Association (USFA).

It said the lessons, part of the International Fistball Association Fistball Academy, will “give school programs the essential tools for fistball training to students 10 years of age and older.”

The championship games are scheduled to happen July 11 through July 15 at Horseshoe Lake park in Succasunna. U18 men's and women's national fistball teams from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, Chile, Italy, New Zealand and India will compete in the international tournament.

The seminars will begin, on July 13, with a 9 a.m. to noon session on “basic practical training measures.” At 2 p.m. participants will go to the fields to watch the games being played, said the USFA.

The next day will begin with the second part of the basic training. In the afternoon there will be some advanced education as well as visiting the tournament’s semi-finals, said the USFA.

On July 15, seminar participants will observe the tournament finals.

The training sessions will be free but will require registration by Feb. 15. CLICK HERE to Register for the IFA Fistball Seminar

The USFA said it has been “actively recruiting student athletes to learn and play fistball” for both the men's and women’s USA U18 national fistball teams.

“All the USFA current and former players participate in other sports: soccer, football, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming and track,” said the organization. “Committed to another sport already? In an order to get the best athletes, every effort is made to work around practice and game schedules,” it added.

Those with questions are asked to contact USFA President Bob Feid at

The USFA noted that fistball  has been played in the United States - primarily in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, since the 1920s "while being played in Europe for hundreds of years." However it said the international fistball community "had no idea that fistball was being played in the USA for all those years until the Internet connected the USA to rest of the fistball world during the mid-1990s."

Roxbury was the scene, in 2015, of the first Pan American Fistball Games held in the United States. The USFA later sent its first u18 girls fistball team to the 2016 World Championship in Germany. "This past summer we sent both a U18 girls and boys team to the 2017 U18 European Championships in Switzerland," said the organization. It noted that fistball is played in the World Games which will be hosted in Alabama in 2021.