MORRISTOWN, NJ –Today Martin Hewitt, Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th District, released the following statement on the significance of Columbus Day:

Columbus Day is a special day in American history, and one that should be celebrated. But it is also a day that is somber for many Native Americans, whose lands were taken away from them as a direct result of Columbus “discovering” what we now call America. Today is a day on which we should be especially respectful of Native American values, like caring for--and not exploiting--natural resources, and directing our energy toward preserving this beautiful country. These are also Republican values that were championed by Teddy Roosevelt. I hope that with the passing of each year, Columbus Day begins to signify for more people, regardless of political affiliation, the importance of preserving and caring for the environment.

Hewitt is challenging twelve term incumbent Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-11) in the June 2018 Republican Primary for Congress because he believes the polarization of the mainstream political parties has left Americans more divided than ever. Hewitt describes himself as "socially liberal, fiscally conservative.” More information about Hewitt and the 11th Congressional District can be found