Senator Bob Menendez deserves to be reelected on November 6th. Senator Menendez is our only hope to defend hard working New Jersey families from the
horrible policies and politics of President Donald Trump. It is clear that Donald Trump is “Divider in Chief” and he intends on creating divisions in our society, turning us against each other. Trump has weakened our position among the world powers and we need a strong leader like Senator Menendez to right the ship.

Senator Menendez has the experience and skills necessary to defend us from Trump and his cronies. For all of those people who are still undecided in this election, I encourage you to vote for Menendez. He knows more about New Jersey and United States Senate than anyone. Electing Hugin is simply not an option, mainly because he isn’t qualified for the position and he’s too closely associated with Trump.

With Trump in the White House, the next couple of years will undoubtedly be rough for everyone. This is why it’s imperative to elect Bob Menendez so he can stand up to Trump and defend us. If you are a registered voter, there is no excuse; you must vote on November 6th. Do the right thing and vote for Senator Bob Menendez.

Mitchell Horn