Just like every other New York Jets fan, I'm still stunned days after Austin Seferian-Jenkins scored a touchdown  against the New England Patriots, only to have the call reversed.

When it comes to the football universe versus the New England Patriots, the NFL rules don't apply. I was sitting right at the end-zone corner where the played occurred. I saw what the on-field referee saw. No clear and obvious evidence to overturn the call.

NFL senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron is the man who made the final call. He has 4 years as an on-field official working for the NFL. and he was promoted to head referee in 2008. During his interview on the Monday after the game, Riveron is quoted with the following explanation, "As the runner (Seferian-Jenkins) is going to the ground, he loses control of the ball." "In order for him to re-establish control, he has to have the ball when he touches the ground, and he has to survive the ground" (o.k., I saw that) "---when he hits the ground he must retain control of the ball" (o.k. I saw that also) "...he must complete the process of control of the football as he's going down and he never regains full control of the ball while he is inbounds." So Seferian-Jenkins had the ball but he didn't have the ball. Confusing, right?

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I've looked at every replay from every angle. Seferian-Jenkins definitely had limited control of the ball as he was approaching the end zone and pylon, but there's not one video with clear and obvious evidence that he failed to recover the ball when he entered the end-zone. That means the call on the field stands.

But it's the New England Patriots playing the New York Jets, and the NFL rules don't apply.

In Tom Brady's perfect world, he has become the all-time leader in regular season quarterback wins and that stat, 187 career wins, will forever go down in the football history books as earned in this game against the New York Jets. That to me is the ultimate insult to the New York Jets, provided by the NFL officiating decision.

If you were at the game or watched it elsewhere, you could see the New York Jets played hard against the Patriots. There were some mistakes and as usual, most of the penalties were against the New York Jets, but of all times to get a controversial call, this time was a doozy.

On Monday October 16th, when Head Coach Todd Bowles was asked on his personal opinion concerning the non-touchdown call, Bowles replied, "It does not matter today. We have to move on to Miami. It's not going to change, so it really does not matter. It's not worth talking about for me."

That statement makes my blood boil. Oh, how I wish Rex Ryan was the head coach right now. Can you possibly imagine his post-game press conference after the non-touchdown call ? New York Jets fans are tough, hard, outspoken, boisterous, fist-pumping, arduous - the list goes on and on. New York Jets fans are loyal through and through and Bowles offers up a whisper when asked a question about the call.

C'mon, please rile up your team and fans. We're dying to see some fight from Bowles, some emotion.

Yeah, on to Miami.