Cats are independent creatures, often making people think that they don’t need or want companionship, but in reality, cats and humans can be great companions, and there are different ways to bond with each other.

Petting, of course, is the most obvious one, because it can be beneficial for both the cat and the human. Not only does the cat love it and sometimes even ask for it, petting animals is good for humans too. It can help them feel calm and peaceful.

Playtime is the next opportunity to bond. Not only is it good exercise for the cat, it’s fun for both. Letting the cat have some catnip, jump after a toy or feathers, or even chase a ball of crumpled up paper can help the cat and human bond over interaction and laughter (the human, not the cat).

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Mealtimes are also ways to bond. There is interaction at those times between the cat and their human and as we know, bonding can happen through communication. The cat may meow and the human will ask “do you want your breakfast now?” or “do you want a treat?” and the cat will meow back. Sometimes, humans have even been known to take their cat with them when they go on a late night fast food drive-thru run. The cat didn’t do the ordering, though. Are you one of those humans who go on a late night food run with your cat?

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