Morristown, NJ – How do you create better smartphone photos? Its not the camera, said photographer and published author Xiomaro.

“The secret to better photographs is not in the camera. It’s in applying the principles of seeing used by artists for centuries,” he said.

To help reveal those principles to you, Morristown National Historical Park (NHP) is offering Xiomaro’s smart phone photography workshop, The Art of Phoneography, from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, October 5, 2019. 

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“Smartphones have millions of times more memory than the mere 66 kilobytes on the Lunar Module, which landed people on the moon,” explains Xiomaro.  “The cameras have gotten so easy to use that almost 100 million photos are posted to Instagram alone – every day.”  But ease of use alone does not make for a good photograph.

Xiomaro explained that seeing and creating a photograph is different than looking and taking a snapshot as many people do.  His workshop will introduce five key artistic principles demonstrated with slides of photographs and paintings.  He and the group will walk the park grounds and George Washington’s headquarters to create unique images using workshop techniques. 

The workshop will begin in Morristown NHP’s Washington’s Headquarters Museum auditorium. The program is free, but registration is required. To register, please call Jude Pfister at 973-539-2016 x 204.  

Since “the principles of seeing” are the “secret to better photographs,” point-and-shoot cameras and professional DSLRs also can be used at the workshop. Participants should bring their fully-charged smart phone (any brand) or camera with plenty of available storage space for the new photos that they will create. A portable USB phone charger or spare battery also will be helpful. Participants should dress appropriately for the August 3rd weather, wear comfortable walking shoes, and if they wish, pack a lunch or snacks.

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