MORRISTOWN, NJ - Midnight Madness Events will be hosting a virtual Scavenger Hunt Game for members of the community during the coronavirus lockdown.  The game will begin on Saturday April 18 at 4pm EDT.

To begin, visit the company's Facebook page at At 4:02pm, game organizers will post a link with all of the clues to start the game. 

There is no cost to play the game. The entire game will take place in front of your computer, smart phone or tablet. There is no driving around!

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The theme for Saturday's game is Kids/Family.

Organizers have listed the following rules of the game:

1.  Once the link is posted, click the link to open up your 25 clues.

2.  You will have 60 minutes so solve as many clues as you can in the allotted time.

3.  As you solve the clues, have blank email ready where you will list your answers from 1 thru 25.

4.  You will receive 1 point for each correct answer.

5.  Once you think you have all of the answers, please email them to:  The subject line of the email should be "MM" followed by your Team Name.  Please be as creative as you wish in coming up with your team name.

6.  If you can’t solve all of the clues, please make sure you still email us all of your answers because not everyone may solve them all.

7.  In the email to us, please include:
      a.  The last name of your family.
      b.  The first names of your family.
      c.  Next to each child, let us know the age.
      d.  Your town/city name, and state.
      e.  One family selfie (so we can properly celebrate the winning teams).
      f.   You will receive a 2 second bonus if someone in the picture is wearing a mask.

8.  You can play as an all adult team if you wish.

9.  You can also play as a group whether it be a camp bunk, a scout troop, a sports team, a dance team, a school class, etc...

10.  If you are playing as group, in your email of answers, let us know what camp, troop, team, class you are representing.

11.  If you play as a “team”, the selfie may not be easy so the picture taken can be just of the person submitting the team answers.

12.  We will have different categories of winners:
     a.  Overall winners
     b.  Family winners
     c.  “Team” winners
     d.  State winners
     e.  Town winners

13.  We will review the emails in the order they are received as the receipt of emails with your answers have a time stamp which will allow us to determine the winners.  The quicker you send your completed email, the better show you have of winning or placing.

14.  Since this game may branch out into other time zones, we may not have the winners announced right away.

15.  This game is not specific to a certain area.  If you know a family or group that could be interested in playing, please feel free to tag or pass this information on as they could also be looking for a fun activity to do.

16.  Some clues could be easier and some could be harder.  Work with the younger kids to help guide them to the answers...