MORRISTOWN, NJ - If you did not have children in elementary school at the time, you may not have even realized that cursive handwriting was dropped from Common Core standards in 2010. It was thought that learning to use technology was a priority needed to align with the advancements with computers and other devices. Hence, cursive fell out of fashion. 

Several states have moved forward with bringing cursive back into their curriculum due to the benefits of writing in cursive. 

Academic Interventionist at Unity Charter School, Jen Carcich, touts the benefits of cursive, “I have found, printed letters look similar and are easily reversed, like the b, d, p, and q which can be confusing to children. Cursive writing has been found beneficial to children with learning challenges such as dyslexia.  Cursive plays a large part in our spelling programs.” The International Dyslexia Association backs up her sentiments, "When writing cursive, the word becomes a unit, rather than a series of separate strokes, and correct spelling is more likely to be retained."

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In recent years Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Virginia, California, Florida, and North Carolina have laws requiring cursive be taught in schools. Currently, New Jersey is following in the steps of these states and a proposed bill that would require elementary schools to teach kids how to read and write in cursive. 

At Unity, the value of technological advancements with the written word are celebrated and have not impeded their instruction of cursive writing.  Cursive letters are introduced in second grade and then joined to form words and sentences in third grade.  Students hone their cursive skills in their daily word study classes.  

Iris Hatfield, the author of New American Cursive, has created a top ten list of the benefits of cursive that may help parents understand the value of this practice.

1. Improved neural connections.

2. Improved ability to read cursive.

3. Increased writing speed.

4. Improved fine motor skills.

5. Increased retention.

6. Ease of learning.

7. Improved legibility and spelling ability.

8. Increased self-discipline.

9. Higher quality signature.

10. Increased self-respect.

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