One of the goals of UnIty Charter School is to foster an alliance with other organizations that follow sustainably minded practices and help promote and nurture diverse ecosystems on our planet. Unity is proud to have been able to partner up with the Great Swamp Watershed Association to provide meaningful and engaging learning opportunities during distance learning.  GSWA offers weekly scavenger hunts and photography challenges that the students of Unity have been participating in. (   These outdoor “hunts” allow families to take in all that nature has to offer this spring while learning about the local flora and fauna. A winning photo is selected each week for a prize from GSWA. 

The Great Swamp Watershed Association is located in nearby Harding Township and is the nonprofit environmental organization that monitors and protects water quality, and investigates and participates in land use issues in the Great Swamp Watershed and Passaic River region. Their work helps students understand the important role we each play in protecting our drinking water and preserving the natural beauty of our environment.  These weekly photography hikes are part of that learning. 

Studies have shown that interacting with nature provides us with benefits to physical health, cognitive performance and psychological well-being.  Stemming off of this research, Unity Charter School crafted their educational model on Fridays to make sure that their students were availed the opportunity to continue their learning in nature even in the midst of a global pandemic  As part of Unity’s Fabulous Friday learning opportunities, GSWA held a special photo challenge specifically for the students of Unity Charter School.  Students in grades K-8 submitted their three finest photographs that depicted “The Colors of the Rainbow”. Unity is proud to announce that the winning photograph was taken by 4th grader Sean Tuttle- Lerner.

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Unity Charter School exemplifies educational excellence, infusing Education for Sustainability throughout our culture", said school officials . "Student agency drives critical thinking and inspires advocacy through a constructivist learning approach. Unity fosters global understanding and graduates students ready to change the world for the better.

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