MORRIS COUNTY, NJ - Voters are reminded that if they plan to change their party affiliation that they must do so by April 8, in order to participate in their new party’s Primary Election on June 2.

Fill out the Party Affiliation Change section of the Voter Registration form and submit it to the Board of Elections.

The April 8 deadline does not apply to voters who are currently unaffiliated. They may declare their party at the polls on June 2. If you are unaffiliated at the time of the primary election, you can declare a party (Democrat or Republican) on primary election day. However, you can not change your party that day – if you are already affiliated, you must change it by the deadline (April 8). Unaffiliated voters who vote by mail will have an opportunity to declare their affiliation when they receive their ballots. They receive a ballot for each party, and they return only the ballot for which they declare.