I want to tell you why I am running for Mayor of Morristown.

Serving this great town has been my passion. I am very proud of our “War history”, all set in a rural area but close to New York City, the financial capital of the world! It is a truly great location. I enjoy our town community theater, the phenomenal diversity, and the people of Morristown. There is so Much good energy here!! I truly believe Morristown is a perfect place to raise a family, live, work, dine out, meet up with family, friends or business associates, relax and even settle down. I successfully raised two lovely daughters, Hope and Christina Field in this great town, and we have respectfully called Morristown our home since 1989. I have served the Morristown community as a member of the Planning Board, Parking Authority, Housing Council, Democratic Committee, American Red Cross and Founder of the Morris County Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce. In recent years, It has become a concern to myself and many other residents in this community, that the current administration has created and encouraged a culture of unethical behavior; we are alarmed about the pay-to-play development and of other secret professional services contracts, deals made out of public view, inefficient government operation over site, very expensive litigation costs, and worst of all “bullying behavior” to anyone who has the slightest difference of opinion. Starting in January, a healing will take place! My administration will run “an open and transparent government operation! My cell phone number, and the cell phone numbers of my business administrator, town lawyer, all department heads and other important employees will be available to our residents during regular business hours.

In order for Morristown to continue growing Properly, we need to establish term limits for all elected officials. Mayor Dougherty has been elected five times, threes as mayor and two terms as a councilman At Large! Total of 20 years. Many people in this town believe that a woman like myself, who has extensive business experience, is honest, has integrity, has been a long time dynamic entrepreneur and a proven community leader deserves a chance to help us move forward with positive change!

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Morristown can save big money by sharing services with neighboring towns, in effort to lower our municipal budget. It will also increase the quality of public services. Which is the wave of the future. We need to be part of development, have a say in how our tax dollars are spent,

who gets them, and what our town will look like in the future! My experience in economic growth, and engagement with our businesses will help

our downtown local businesses to be strong again. This plan will also include a revision of the current zoning regulations in the town, which will create positive growth.

My dream is to make history by SERVING YOU AS the first EVER Woman to be Mayor of Morristown.

Sensible Economic growth, and engagement in our downtown, including a revision of the zoning regulations in town can create positive growth.

Along with a vision of a “Morristown Community Center!” Business Incubation Program. As the County Seat Morristown needs a quality meeting place for all of its residents and visitors. We will work to create this space and place. I will apply for all Federal, State, County and private grants to help our operating costs to be reduced. I will lead the cause of “shared services.” Create financial oversight to ensure current and future town expenditures. Preserving a quality of life that is affordable to all and one that supports every resident of Morristown.

As we put the hardships of the past behind us, it’s time to turn our vision into the future for Morristown, and plan as a community how we want our hometown to grow and to continue to thrive. I am a facilitator, on my first day in office I will invite residents to volunteer and to share their time, energy and ideas! All are welcome, we need you! The town hall will be open to all of us. Please join me in the fight. We must study and decide where we need continue improvements in securing resource for the future of the Morristown. We must create affordable housing opportunities for the resident as well. “Taxes and taxes ”. Where are they going? Up or down? We must study and decide where. We need continued improvement in securing resources for the future of the town. Securing federal, state, county and private grants to help reduce town costs.

I respectfully ask the town residents to place their faith in me as we move forward into the future. In order for Morristown to continue growing; there are businesses, families, employees, residents that need our support and leadership.

The Community can be defined in many ways, but when simplified down to its most important element, community is all about connection. Community is not just an en-tity or a group of people, it’s a feeling. It’s feeling connected to others, feeling accepted for who you are and feeling supported. Having connection can help us feel wanted and loved. I will focus on responsible and sustainable growth throughout the town. Promote new projects, sharing services with neighboring town, develop new dog parks, bike lanes, ride sharing bicycle systems and establish term limits.

One of our greatest US presidents John F Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you can do for your country!”

On my first day in office, I will invite residents to volunteer and to share their time, energy and ideas on how best to lead Morristown into the future! I am respectfully and humbly asking for your support and vote on June 8th! Morristown the future is in your hands!!!