MORRISTOWN, NJ - People in Morristown and in cities world wide will come together on Friday to protest the inhumane conditions facing immigrants in detention centers.

Organizers are planning over 600 events worldwide and on five continents to condemn human detention camps. Ravi Raghbir, Linda Sarsour and Rosie O’Donnell are among those expected to speak at the NYC Lights for Liberty Vigil. Randi Weingarten and Hope Frye are among those expected to speak at the DC vigil, said organizers.

Katlin Stansfield and her roommate, Melody Bowens Hill  noticed that although events are being planned for all over the world and throughout New Jersey, none were planned for Morris County. They believe that this movement is important and "decided to take the big leap" and host the event themselves.

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"We are partnering with international, national, regional and local communities who believe that fundamental rights are not negotiable", said Morristown organizer Katlin Stansfield. "We are willing to protect the rights of immigrants".

The 2019 Lights for Liberty Protest in Morris County will take place at the Morristown Town Hall on Friday July 12 at 7pm.  Stansfield will be speaking as well as reading testimonials of migrants. Then at 9pm, organizers and attendees will light LED, electric or phone app candles for a moment of silence.

"We must show solidarity that we will not permit these abuses without a fight", said Stansfield.

Stansfield and Hill are not alone in this fight. The American Federation of Teachers is sponsoring the worldwide event. In a press release, Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers said, "We are teachers, nurses and others who work to help others every day. What the United States is doing at our southern border in these detention camps is an abomination to the soul of our country and is contrary to everything we do. In the aftermath of World War II, ‘never again’ was meant to mean never again. America led the world in the fight against human rights abuses. Now, these abuses are perpetrated by our own president on the southern border. Silence is not an option.”

"The Lights for Liberty vigil is showing it's possible to resist the administration’s human rights abuses and point a path forward to a brighter, more just, future that honors the values that this country and the international community were founded on.” she continued.

Lights for Liberty began when Elizabeth Cronisse McLaughlin shared, through tweets, what attorney Toby Gialluca had seen inside the camps.

“Since then, we’ve watched thousands of ordinary people come together to organize events and fight back worldwide," said McLaughlin in a press release.

Raghbir, who is expected to speak in New York City is an undocumented person and Executive Director of New Sanctuary Coalition.

He said in the release, "It is heartening that so many cities, countries and people are taking part in Lights for Liberty to show that they care and are ready to stand up to hatred".

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