MORRISTOWN, NJ - The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) has been finding unacceptable materials in the recycling stream, they said in a press release.

The MUA's "all in one" single stream curbside recycling program is now looking to reduce the amount of "unacceptable" materials found by implementing a "tag-it and leave-it" inspection program this summer. According to the utilities authority, the most common and problematic unacceptable materials found include plastic bags, plastic film or packaging, styrofoam, hangers that are plastic, metal or wood), food waste, wood scraps, and plastic bottles and containers coded #3,#4,#6,#7.

Recyclables must be loose in a reusable container with handles and lid. All recyclables must be empty, clean and dry.

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Containers found with unacceptable items, will be left at the curb. Residents will then have to correct the issues and then wait until the next scheduled collection day.

"The main goal is to avoid rejected loads at the local recycling facility which first separates the single-stream recyclables into the individual materials that make up the recycling stream", said officials. Cleaner loads result in less cost while rejected loads due to contamination result in a greater cost for all involved. When in doubt, throw it out and keep the acceptable recyclables clean, empty and dry!"

For a list of acceptable and unacceptable items, click HERE


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