MORRISTOWN, NJ -  Tuesday April 6 was National Walking Day. Many people walk around Morristown enjoying the history, art, museums, restaurants and shops. Walking along roads and highways can be dangerous. How dangerous? According to Tri- State Transportation Campaign, a non-profit policy watchdog organization, 398 pedestrians were killed in New Jersey between 2012 -2014. 

The group completed an analysis, thus identifying the The Region's Most Dangerous Roads. For the sixth timeBurlington County’s U.S. Route 130 is New Jersey’s most dangerous road for walking, with 11 pedestrians killed by a vehicle between 2012 and 2014.

No singular road in Morris County had more than three fatalities, therefore Morris County did not make the list. Unfortunately, there have been 12 pedestrian fatalities involving a motor vehicle across Morris County. One occured in Morristown on March 1, 2013, as a 33 year old male walked down Madison Avenue. 

“If we’re serious about making New Jersey safer for walking, we need to invest in our roads. Unfortunately the state’s Transportation Trust Fund will run dry on June 30, 2016,” said Janna Chernetz, Director of New Jersey Policy at the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. “The governor and our legislative leaders in Trenton have put off a resolution to this crisis long enough. A long term, sustainable funding solution is a matter of life or death.”