Unity Charter School offers a free webinar to any educator interested in learning more about virtual instruction.  This professional development session is free to all participants.  

Teaching in a Virtual/Online Setting PD is designed to support educators who wish to further their knowledge and increase their skills for teaching in a virtual or online environment. This webinar will explore the types of learners, various technologies, communication and collaboration in an online teaching environment. The use of GSuite will be used.

Objectives of the webinar-

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● Students will demonstrate pedagogical knowledge of lesson delivery in multiple platforms. 

● Students will demonstrate knowledge of providing a meaningful environment for learners and their families when using the tools of technology.

● Students will demonstrate knowledge of assessment techniques using technology.

● Students will define and use appropriate terminology related to the virtual classroom and online learning

● Students will be able to create classroom curriculum materials that take into account different learning needs.

● Students will identify the appropriate and accepted instructional procedures related to the inclusive servicing of learners in a virtual classroom.

● Students will demonstrate an understanding of professional resources that can be accessed in order to help and support teaching in a virtual or online environment

This webinar will be housed using Cisco Webex.

★ Tuesday 3/17/20 from 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Meeting Link

★ Meeting number: 793 670 716

★ Password: Learning!

After the scheduled time, a recording will be available per request. Please reach out to Amy Mercado with questions!

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