MORRISTOWN, NJ - Electives are a unique and integral part of a Unity Charter School education. Electives take place in the middle school and run for 6 weeks.  During the elective process, teachers have the opportunity to help students to become fearless explorers who pursue their passions while gaining confidence and skill. When given the freedom to make their own choices, to value the process and not just the product, the creative floodgates open and what takes place is amazing.  Over the past 6 weeks a group of middle school students have been looking into the influence of social media.  

The purpose of this elective was to educate students on the various uses of social media and the role it plays in many areas of our daily lives. The course broadened student awareness on the influence social media has on the world around them including personal relationships, news, and the professional world.  Through research and discussion with peers, students practiced and implemented the use of argumentation stems and critical thinking skills. They developed solutions to problems that may arise as a result of social media, and they discussed the benefits of this technological revolution and how to use it to their advantage.

The essential questions they worked on included:

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  • What is social media?

  • How are social networks used?

  • What are the benefits and harms of using social media?

  • How can technology and social media play a role in expressing your identity?

  • How is social media used as a platform for news?

  • How can social media affect your self-esteem?

  • How can you use social media effectively and utilize its benefits?

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