MORRIS TOWNSHIP, NJ -  Morris Township honored and paid tribute to America's veterans on Memorial Day. The ceremony wasn't publicized due to the Executive Order limiting crowds to under 10 people.

"Due to the limitations of the COVID pandemic, this year’s service is obviously much smaller than usual, but our reverence for those who have served our country is unwavering", said Township Mayor Cathy Wilson. "While COVID has hampered our traditional activities, it has not diminished our gratitude for those who have served. If anything, this pause in our usual traditions has strengthened our appreciation for the deeper meanings they point to".

The small gathering consisted of township officials, firemen, policemen and several veterans. A wreath was presented to the Veterans Monument and then the names of departed veterans from all wars were read.

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TAPs was played to honor the dead.

"Memorial Day is a time for remembering our veterans who have passed. Veterans who lost their lives in battle. Veterans who suffered terrible injuries – mental and
physical – in war. Veterans who survived their active service but have since passed, " said Mayor Wilson.What all veterans have in common is (in the words of Joseph Campbell) a willingness “to give their lives to something bigger than oneself.” That “something bigger” is our country and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. That “something bigger” is everything that’s represented by our flag".

"As we take time today to honor our veterans, I encourage all of us to reflect on the connections between the basic activities of daily living (for which we all have such a new-found appreciation) and that “cause greater than oneself” which all of our veterans served", the mayor said. "That cause is our country. Our history. Our way of life. Our traditions. And our founding ideals like liberty and justice and equality for all"."

 "When we salute the flag or put our hand on our heart, and say the Pledge of Allegiance as we did at the beginning of this service, let us remember today – and
ALWAYS – that the simple activities of our daily lives are perfect reflections of that “cause greater than oneself” which all of our veterans served", she continued."As COVID restrictions are lifted, and we resume normal activities with a whole new appreciation for how much we value them, let us remember our veterans with a similar renewed reverence for the importance to all of us of their service and the sacrifices they have made on our behalf.

"Let us also remember in the words of an unknown author that “Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died
protecting it", Wilson said.  "May God bless our veterans, our country, and all of us".

The entire ceremony can be viewed below:


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