MORRISTOWN, NJ - Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty provided residents with a daily update on Wednesday May 13 standing outside of Town Hall.

Dougherty said that the Governor is now allowing customers to go and pick up items from a store. 

"You still can't go into a store", said Dougherty. "But you can order from the store and then you can do curbside pickup. Similar to what the restaurants are doing."

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Dougherty also stated that he is going to call on the Governor to open private tennis clubs (outdoor ones), as well as hair salons and barbers.

"They can do social distancing. They can wash their hands. They can wear face protection. They can set up barriers," said Dougherty. "I think they are ready. They know what they have to do".

"We need to get some of these other services open". he said.


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