MORRISTOWN, NJ - The Morris Tech Meetup is hosting a Block & Coin Summit on how to navigate the Cryptoconomy in Morristown at the Laundromat from 5pm to 9pm. 

Trends in both Cryptocurrency and Blockchain will be discussed by an expert panel.  The event is co-hosted by the Morris County Economic Development Corporation.

The four hour event including free dinner (only pay for bar drinks) will be only $35 (+ processing fees). Some of the topics of discussion include

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• What it means to businesses (and investors) to go through an Initial Coin Offering (ICOs)? what are the latest regulations from industry and the government? What are the benefits of being treated as either equity or pre-revenue?

• How do you successfully proceed with an ICO? Do I need a Syndicate? What does an ICO Syndicate do and provide for my business and how much typically does it cost? 

• Is Cryptocurrency speculative (investment) or utilitarian (money)? How can we justify using it as a currency if it is so much valuable as an investment?

• What is a Fork (hard and soft)? What are the recent forks and how have they affected the Cryptonomic Ecosystem? 

• What are the Regulations and Treatment of Cryptocurrency in the U.S.A. and Internationally? What is the Dark Web and how does it effect treatment of cryptocurrency in various countries?

• What are the business model cases best able to take advantage of the Blockchain?

• How important is the Blockchain to the development of new technological capabilities able to change the way business is being done in many companies?

• What are Smart Contracts? How are they being used? What kind of technological proficiency and concerns need to be addressed to create great, secure contracts?

• Why is the power of distributed computational power so important? How does the blockchain irrefutably verify transactions in a way that the veracity of transactions is immutable?

• How are enterprises taking advantage of the Blockchain and developing more efficient ways of doing business?

• What exactly is proof of work? Or proof of stake or proof of authority? What are the different types of consensus mechanisms that make the Blockchain a reality?

• Does a Blockchain based business model need a cryptocurrency? What is the economic incentives (or otherwise) that allows Blockchain to thrive?

The following will also be available:

• A startup FinTech company that will be RAISING AN ICO at the time of our event with a special announcement

• A special announcement about the Technology/Business Initiatives of the Morris County Econcomic Development Corporation and the future vision of Morris County.

The event will be helping to raise money for a good cuase aligned with the interests of the Tech Community.  Fairleigh Dickinson University runs a High School Idea Pitch competition which last year attracted over 600 high school students from the entire state of New Jersey. This program continues to help foster entrepreneurship at a younger age and expose high school students to creative business concepts, design thinking and a greater sense of self-reliance. 

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