MILLTOWN, NJ - Milltown officially became incorporated as a borough in 1889, but its history dates back to the Lenape Tribe. In 1903, it was the backdrop for Edwin S. Porter's famous 12-minute film, "The Great Train Robbery." The film was considered an innovative marvel when it made its debut and is preserved in the United States National Film Registry. A walk through Milltown's business district along Main Street is a step back in time with many of the buildings having a backstory.

History buffs can take a stroll this summer with the Milltown Historical Society's Walking Tour. The tour includes a virtual map with 30 stops. Most of the stops are along North and South Main Street. The walk begins at the Milltown Eureka Engine Company on South Main Street and concludes at the Vanderbilt Coles Schnatter Home at 269 North Main Street. Stops in between include the Mill Condominiums on Washington Avenue, the Speedway Gas Station, Mill Pond and more.

The Mill Condominiums were built in 1889 and the building is a National Historic Site. Milltown's oldest residence is the Vanderbilt Coles Schnatter Home. The popular Golden Lion Inn may be known for its wings now, but it used to be Sayre's Hotel in 1903. Each stop on the walking tour includes a bit of local history about the building. Milltown's Walking Tour was created by the Milltown Historical Society and can be downloaded at the historical society's Facebook page.

The Milltown Historical Society's home at 116 South Main Street is home to the Milltown Museum and is also a stop on the historic walking tour.