The Music and Lyrics Elective is rocking students’ worlds by expanding their knowledge of music and its impact on culture. This course, taught this semester by Lindsay Mirabella, offers insight on how music shapes humanity and stimulates social change. 

Mirabella designed the curriculum for this elective after a student joked about her teaching a class just about rock ‘n roll. She said, “I created it so I got to make it everything I want it to be. And, it is a marriage between English, because poetry is lyrics, and music.” The  elective fulfills semester credits for English. 

The curriculum incorporates all styles of music. Mirabella said,  “The class curriculum circles around the idea that music is a reflection of what is going on in our society by calling attention to issues.” 

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The class also allows students to share their favorite songs and become exposed to music genres they wouldn’t necessarily consider listening to. Students' musical palettes are expanded and learning is done with an open mind. 

Most days students choose a song for the class to listen to and analyze. Senior Aoife Rouse said, “I have a new appreciation for understanding the lyrics of songs instead of just brainlessly listening.” 

Students also enjoy the other work done in this class. Senior Olivia Sottosanti’s favorite project was the Bracket of Love. She said, “It was when we all chose the best love song and fought for why it was the best, and throughout the rounds, made our way up the scoreboard.” 

The winner of this contest was “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” by Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato, a song submitted by Cierra Blair. 

Those who have taken the course recommend the class because of the mix between fun and educational activities. Additionally, the Music and Lyrics elective is fun for everyone, not just music listeners, according to current students. 

Even Mirabella said, “The cool thing about it is you can take something away from the class even if you’re not that into music.” 

Overall, this class is great for expanding one’s love for music while discussing social issues and learning how culture and music connect.