CRANFORD, NJ On Thursday evening, rumors started to swirl about the potential closing of the Downtown Family Restaurant.

With no official word on the restaurant’s Facebook page, it wasn’t until Friday morning that guests were greeted with a sign on the front door reading:

There is a season for everything in life, so it is with bittersweet hearts that we regret to inform you that Friday June 1st 2018 will be our final day of business at the Downtown Diner.

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You were more than just customers to us; you were family!

Thanks for the memories.

The ties of the current owner, Tina Priovolos, to the Downtown Family Restaurant stem back to 1975.

“I grew up in here,” said Priovolos. “My father had it from 75 to 86. Then he leased it out for a while, and we came back about three years ago. Unfortunately, he passed away about two years ago, and I carried it on to get everything straightened out for him. It was great coming back to my hometown and reliving everything and the support.”

Tina’s father, John Priovolos, was known as the “soup king.” Customers would flock to the restaurant to sample his daily fresh homemade soups.

“It was great when my father came back and was making the soups,” added Priovolos. “He loved to do that and he loved diners. That was a defining moment.”

Tina mentioned how she will never forget the customers and the “family feel” to the restaurant.

“It was like Cheers,” said Priovolos. “My customers were like my family.”

No comment was made about future plans for the property, locatd directly across the street from the train station.