On Saturday, June 15, First Congregational Church of Westfield will present DRAWDOWN: How to Reverse Global Warming. 

This presentation will provide a brief overview of 100 scientifically-proven actions that can be taken to begin to reverse global warming, including social change, land and energy use, and more. Participants will learn that it is indeed possible to slow global warming — even to begin reversing it — by 2050.

Project Drawdown Workshops have inspired individuals, teams, and communities to take action. The program is based on the book "DRAWDOWN: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming" by Paul Hawken.

Keith Voos, the June 15 workshop’s lead presenter, was formerly a public school teacher at various grade levels for 40 years before he retired in 2014 to assume a nearly full-time role in environmental advocacy. Keith is a 2017 GreenFaith Fellow and a member of the GreenFaith Raritan Valley Environmental Action Circle. He volunteers with The Pachamama Alliance and DrawdownNYC. He is the Environmental Justice Chair of a local NAACP chapter and is the environmental representative at his New Brunswick Quaker Meeting.

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DRAWDOWN: How to Reverse Global Warming will take place on Saturday, June 15, at 2 p.m. in First Congregational Church of Westfield’s Patton Auditorium at 125 Elmer Street, in Westfield. All are welcome to attend.

To register please email uccfcc@verizon.net or call 908-233-2494. Registration is not required but is appreciated.

For details on this program or others offered at First Congregational Church of Westfield, visit fccofwestfield.org.