MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ – The Borough Council recognized Deerfield School Valedictorian Hannah Tao and Salutatorian Laine Rittman for their academic achievements at the Tuesday, June 18 meeting. Mayor Paul Mirabelli read two resolutions in their honor.

“The citizens of the Borough of Mountainside are continually striving to provide quality education for all of our children. It is clearly recognized that such education will be a major contribution toward our young people being good citizens and successful in whatever endeavors they understand in life,” the proclamation read.

Furthermore, “it is appropriate that those who excel should be recognized and encouraged to continue the success into further education and participation in their community,” Mirabelli read. Both Hannah Tao and Laine Rittman have “truly exemplified the finest academic achievement at Deerfield School,” he said.

Both Tao and Rittman will receive the proclamations at their 8th grade graduation on Wednesday, June 19. Additionally, the Borough Council will give a gift check of $300 to Valedictorian Tao and a gift check of $200 to Salutatorian Rittman.