MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ - Two incumbent candidates for Borough Council and one incumbent and a newcomer for Board of Education were all elected to office in Mountainside.

There were four candidates competing for two three- year council seats on the six-member Mountainside Borough Council.

Mountainside incumbents Councilman Keith Turner and Councilwoman Deanna Andre faced Democratic Candidates Carlos Gomez and Lauren Cook.

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The incumbent winners received 56.72% of the vote -- Councilman Turner received 1,316 votes, while fellow Councilwoman Andre garnered 1,305. Gomez received 1,017 votes and Cook, 983.

Board of Education member Dante Gioia will return to his three-year seat on the board. Dana Guidicipietro replaces Cathy Jakositz, who did not run for re-election. Gioia received 829 votes, Guidicpietro 868. They were running unopposed.

An estimated 46.8 percent of the 5,197 voters cast a ballot. As of October 2017, the registration numbers were 1,696 GOP voters, 1,371 Democrat voters, and 2,096 voters were Unaffiliated.

Borough voters joined the rest of the 21st Legislative District in boosting Republican Thomas H. Kean Jr. to another term. He defeated Democrat Jill Lazare in the borough, 1502-817. Kean has held the job since 2003.

Assembly members Jon Bramnick appeared on his way to re-election to a two-year term in the 21st District, while fellow GOP incumbent Nancy F. Munoz was in a close battle for re-election at presstime.

In Union County, voters supported Jon Bramnick's bid to return to the Assembly with a total of 21,535 votes, but they also favored Democrat Lacey Rzeszowski with 21,470 votes. Democrat Bruce H. Bergen came in third with 20,528 votes and Nancy Munoz, who has been in the Assembly since 2010, came in last, with 20,513.

In Mountainside, Bramnick, who has been in the Assembly since 2003, and Munoz were the top vote getters, with Bramnick picking up 1,438 votes and Munoz 1,418.

When it came to County Sheriff, Mountainside voters supported Republican Marc A. Krauss over Democrat Peter Corvelli by a vote of 1,331 to 879. County voters, however, gave Corvelli 64,792 votes to Krauss’ 33,463.

Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders, had three seats up for grabs. Union County, as a whole, supported Democrat candidates. Angel Estrada received 62,794 votes; Christopher Hudak 61,924 and Angela R. Garretson, 61,166. Republican candidates P. Mark Martini received 34,252 votes; Patricia Quattrocchi 34,302, and Peter B. Lijoi, 33,701. Mountainside supported the Republicans, giving Quattrocchi 1,365 votes, Martini 1,367 votes and Lijoi 1,345. Estrada received 832. Garretson 811 and Hudak 841.

Union County voters favored the Democrats by an almost two to one margin, with Murphy and Oliver receiving 72,505 votes and Guadagno and Rendo 36,791 votes. Third party candidates, including We the People Vincent Ross and April A. Johnson; Constitution Party Matthew Ricardo; Reduce Property Taxes Gina Genovese; Libertarian Party Peter J. Rohrman and Karese J. Laguerre; and Green Party candidates Seth Kapner-Dale, Lisa Durden each received less than one percent of the Union County

Mountainside voters supported Republicans Kim Guadagno and Carlos A. Rendo with 1,331 votes to Democrats Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver with 879 votes. Statewide Murphy won by a projected 13 percent margin.

Voters followed the state lead in voting “yes” on two public questions. One will allow the state to sell $125 million in general obligation bonds to provide grants to construct, expand, and equip public libraries. Mountainside votes were 1-5- for, and 921 against the question. County voters cast 45,130 yes votes and 26,682 no votes.

The second question would amend the state constitution to assure that damages through legal settlements in environmental contamination cases be used to repair, restore, replace or preserve the contaminated site. In recent years, these awards have been tapped to pay for other items in the state budget. The vote in Mountainside was 1,275 yes and 681 no. County voters cast 48,834 yes votes and 20,663 no votes.