MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ – Following complaints from at least one resident, Borough officials are looking to prohibit parking on an additional portion Mill Lane.
Mountainside Borough Council on Tuesday, May 17, will vote on whether to adopt an ordinance to restrict parking along a 274-foot stretch of the west side of Mill Lane, running south from the intersection with Route 22. A public hearing on the ordinance will be held prior to the Council vote.
Parking is already prohibited along the entire length of the east side of Mill Lane.
The Police Department in Mountainside had been monitoring traffic and parking conditions on Mill Lane since the opening earlier this year of the Echo Tap and Grille restaurant and “determined that a dangerous condition exists,” according to language in the ordinance text. The Echo Tap and Grille is at 1079 Route 22 east.

Vehicles from eastbound Route 22 that make a right-hand turn onto southbound Mill Lane often create a traffic backup queuing up behind other vehicles waiting to make a left turn to enter the restaurant parking lot, according to Mountainside officials.
Banning parking on the west side of Mill Lane “would at least allow vehicles turning off of the highway to have a free flow to the right side of vehicles waiting to turn into the parking lot,” said Mountainside Police Chief Allan Attanasio at a recent Borough Council meeting.
The proposed no-parking zone along a 274-foot stretch of the west side of Mill Lane would mean that about 14 current parallel parking spaces would be eliminated. Parallel spaces are typically about 20 feet in length.
The police chief confirmed with the Borough's department of public works “that all necessary resources and signage are available to execute the Police Department’s recommendation.”
Mayor Paul Mirabelli during a Borough Council meeting in March asked the police chief to also look into residential permit parking for the area.
“I think if we keep making the areas closer to Echo Tap and Grille no parking, they're going to wind up parking on the residential streets,” the mayor said.
One of those nearby residential streets is Sunrise Parkway.
“Permit parking seems to be at least something we should look at,” Mayor Mirabelli said.